Articles & Books

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Working on

  • Gangl, Manuel and Schüller, Fritz (tba). “Comparison of input impedance measurements with BIAS and the played intonation on the B-flat clarinet”

Arrangements for clarinet

  • Franz Schubert: Hirt am Felsen for mezzosopran and bassetthorn (2018)
  • Franz Schubert: Ave Maria for B-flat clarinet and piano (2018)
  • Jules Massenet: Meditation for B-flatclarinet and piano (2019)
  • Modest Mussorgsky: Il vecchio Castello | The old castle for clarinet and piano (2019)
  • Richard Strauss: Suite from the Opera: DER ROSENKAVALIER for the D clarinet (transcribed E-flat clarinet part) (2020)
  • Eduard Toldrá: Soneti de la rosada for E-flat clarinet and piano (2020)
  • Richard Strauss: Rosenkavalier Suite for D clarinet and piano (2022) 
  • Richard Strauss: Little Till Eulenspiegel: Duo for two D clarinets (2022)
  • Maurice Ravel: Daphnis et Chloe | Full Ballet for D clarinet (transcribed and corrected E-flat clarinet part) (2022) 
  • Richard Strauss: A Little Hero’s Life: Duo for two E-flat clarinets (2022)

Compact Disc

  • Sphärenklänge | Barockensemble der Wiener Symphoniker: Molter clarinet concerto Nr. 3 (2018) with Christian Birnbaum (conductor)